Things To Check When It Comes To Buy A Fire Pit

It's summer in Australia and this means you will have get-togethers, backyards, relaxing evenings, and BBQs outside. And a fire pit, especially an outdoor fire pit is the thing that can make these parties happening. Outdoor fire pits are often used in gathering spots like events or parties to socialize with the guests or to distress after a hectic week of work. The best thing about fire pits is that these are available in different types of styles and sizes. So, depending on your requirements and preferences, you can opt for portable or permanent fire pits by using different types of fuel sources. And purchasing fire pits is not tough as you can easily pick these up from shops or online stores offering fire pits for sale.

However, in case you have any confusion in selecting the right fire pit, then here is an all-inclusive buyer’s guide just for you. But before you go through the guide, remember that the size and style of the pit mostly depend on the size of your outdoor/backyard space. Now, let’s check the guide:

Decide the dimensions:

Usually, the diameters of the fire pits range between “20-45”. The smaller fire pits mainly include the bowls that make these pits ideal for compact patios and decks.

Choose the style:

Fire pits are available in different styles. You will easily get to know about the types by visiting any of the online or offline stores offering fire pits for sale. The popular pits include the ones that come with square versions resembling low tables or fire bowls. You can consider the bowl version in case you are in search of a fire pit that can easily be moved around. On the other hand, opt for a stationary square pit, if you want to create a warm gathering spot in the roomy background.

Consider the materials:

For the fire pits, the materials often range from tile and stone to copper and stainless steel. As the stone is a heavy material, therefore it is perfect for use with square, larger pits that can’t be moved around. The same is true for stainless steel fire pits. Besides, the stainless-steel fire pits are rain-and rust-resistant and these are also quite simple to clean. So, if you are planning to invest in a good quality pit, then buying a stainless-steel pit is the only choice.

Decide the fuel:

Most of the fire pits are either gas/propane burning or wood burning. So, before purchasing one from the fire pits for sale, you need to decide the type that you need. The best thing about a wood fire pit is that it is more cost-effective than purchasing propane tanks. Besides, wood-burning pits also look and smell like a real campfire.

Extra accessories:

There are some other points that you need to consider before buying a fire pit. One of those is to choose the best surface on which you can place the fire pit. Another one is to choose the accessories to cook on the fire pit.


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