A Few Things To Know About Torch Applied Waterproofing Membranes

A torch applied waterproofing membrane could be described as a plastomeric bituminous product that is used as a waterproofing membrane. It is modified by polymer and is known to provide a high degree of performance as well. Its surface is laced with reflective natural colour slates. Their main function of such a product is to provide you with the highest amount of protection against UV (ultraviolet) rays of the Sun. The slates are supposed to provide mechanical protection. This comes in handy in the context of light foot traffic. The presence of these slates also means that you need to do only occasional maintenance over here.

Making your surface look good

It is because of these slates that a torch applied waterproofing membrane can make your surface look so good as well. It can be regarded as the perfect solution. This is especially true for the exposed flat roofs. You can easily install such a membrane on an already existing surface. This makes sure that the roof does not leak. Such a product is immensely effective. At the same time, it helps you save a lot of money as well.

What are the advantages of these products?

First of all, these are high strength and reinforced products that we are talking about over here. Having them means you are minimizing the risks that your site may suffer damages.

A torch applied waterproofing membrane is rather easy to install. It bonds well with the substrate too. They provide good resistance from heat as well. They also provide great dimensional stability. This comes in handy at situations when the surface is exposed to a lot of tension. They also offer a high degree of resistance to the likes of fatigue and puncture. They have high tear and tensile strength also. They are durable and excellently so. This means that you can use them easily in areas that experience significant amounts of light-foot tropic. You can use them a lot in tropical areas too.

How can these be beneficial in Australia? 

Therefore, such a torch applied waterproofing membrane can be so beneficial in Australia, a country known for its harsh weather. They are normally packed in rolls of 1 m X 10 m. The product is an innovative one and has been used in the waterproofing market of Australia for more than 40 years. It helps that these products are always evolving in terms of manufacturing. This is the reason why they have become the perfect membrane systems.


A torch applied waterproofing membrane is normally used on a flat roof or deck. You can also use them in balconies, planters’ boxes, and on the ground. They are made from Bitumen and organic liquids. These organic liquids are viscous. Bitumen is a hydrocarbon that is made by using crude oil. It is one of the most important components of membranes. It helps that these products are not harmful to the environment. Apart from that, they have several other unique qualities as well. Therefore, qualified waterproofing contractors in Australia only use these products.


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