A Few Things To Know About Eco-Friendly Takeaway Containers Wholesale

These days, you have a lot of companies in Australia that offer eco-friendly takeaway containers wholesale. These companies cater to different sectors such as hospitality and catering. These are their primary clients. However, they deal with any business that wants their products and services within Australia. These days, these companies have also branched out to working with retail customers. These retail customers buy these containers for their personal use. At times, they also use them in events such as weddings, barbeques, and parties. You can be sure that you would get the largest range of products from these companies. This includes the following:

  • Compostable Cups
  • Cutlery
  • Plates 
  • Bowls 

What do these companies prefer?

The companies that sell eco-friendly takeaway containers wholesale want to make sure that they are making them from the best products. They want to ensure that their products are sourced from sustainable and renewable origins. At the same time, they prefer that their products are completely compostable and biodegradable. These companies believe that they have a duty towards the planet. This is the reason why they focus on providing you the most valuable compostable packaging. 

A great alternative :

There is nothing to deny that these products are the most viable alternatives to the likes of plastic food containers that are disposable at best. 

These eco-friendly takeaway containers wholesale are useful for both hot and cold food and drinks. This means that you can use them as and how you want to. You can also customize them as you want to. It is possible to save money on these services as well. This is because in some cases these companies offer such design and printing services for free. 

Paper bowls and lids :

The paper that is used to make these lids and bowls are procured from managed plantations. 

These eco-friendly takeaway containers wholesale are also coated using bioplastic that is made from plants rather than oil. These are recyclable and compostable on a commercial basis. Most of the kerb-side recycling techniques can be applied for such purposes. The most prominent example of such recycling techniques would be the milk cartons. They are available in various sizes. They also come with a wide array of options that help prevent leaks.

Chip cups :

These chip cups could be made of paper as well. They are available in various sizes as well. They are normally made from paper that comes with the likes of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.                      

The bioplastic used to coat these eco-friendly takeaway containers wholesale is made from plants as well. Oil is not used in these cases too. These chip cups are compostable as well. However, you need a commercial facility to do so. You can also recycle them in most kerb-side recycling units. 

Clear bowls and lids :

They may look like the plastic bowls and lids that you normally get these days. However, these are made from bioplastic, which is created from plants. These are among the few of their kind that are compostable as well.  


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