Tips for selecting the right type of timber flooring in Pymble

Timber floors will provide extra warmth. Timber is a natural source and they are also found in abundance. Some types of timbers are scarce and they are more expensive when compared with the other timbers. The timber flooring type differs based on the usage and budget. Some of the popular timber floors are spotted gum and Blackbutt. If you like matt finish then you can choose walnut and oak type flooring. In this article let us discuss the different types of timber flooring Pymble available in the market and the benefits of each type. With the help of this article, you can select the right timber flooring type for your house in Paymble area.

Hardwood timber flooring in Pymble:

Hardwood timber floors are made from solid length timbers. The timbers are milled and then dressed with another piece of timber. After that, they are cut and sanded. Finally, the timbers are given a smooth finish. Hardwood timbers are unsealed and raw. They also differ in colour, grain, and depth because of this difference the total look of the timber floor changes. Hardwood timber must be installed by the professional and before installing it must be kept on the construction site to accommodate that weather condition. 

Hardwood timber can be directly installed on the joist or timber bearer. They are installed using the tongue and groove method on the timber subfloor. After installing the timber floor must be stained, sanded and polished. The cost of a hardwood timber floor varies from $50 to $120 per square metre.

Floating or engineered timber flooring in Pymble

Engineered timber flooring Pymble is a combination of a thin layer of hardwood timber and plywood. The top layer of the engineered timber flooring is the plywood. It is more affordable when compared with other timber flooring types. They are available as prefinished floors and it can be used immediately after the installation process. The installation process is also very easy. They are installed using the locking system.

There is no use for glues and nails. They fully rely on the weight and its connection. They are longer and wider. There is no cupping issue since plywood is fixed on the top of the floor. They are available in 12mm to 20mm thickness. This flooring type is best for renovation. They can be installed on any flat surface. Engineered timber floors are cost-effective and sustainable. They protect the floor from moisture. Cost engineered timber floor varies from $65 to $150 per square metre.

Parquetry floor:

Parquetry floor gives a luxurious look for the living area. They are made from individual timber and then changed into a specific geometry pattern. Square on the square, basket weave and lineal are some of the geometric patterns of the parquetry floor. They are pre-assembled. 

Parquetry floors are installed on the subgrade timbers and are fixed using glue. It can also be installed on the concrete slab with the help of an epoxy membrane. Parquetry timber floors are environmentally friendly. The cost of the parquetry floors differs based on the geometric design and the style.


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