Assess The Features And Course Contents Of A Traffic Control Licence Course

Whether you enroll in an online or an offline traffic control school for your traffic control licence depending on the hours you can afford for such courses, the type, feature and responsibilities of the job will remain the same. Therefore, when you opt for it make sure that you know the things that are taught so that you do not face any legal issues due to traffic violations or lacunas in your job.

Features to Look for in a School

When you have a proper license for your job as a traffic controller will involve several aspects. It is, therefore, necessary to be wary of those schools that promise you to provide you everything cheap and pose as a ‘One Stop Traffic Control Training Centre.’ 

  • A well-reputed and reliable school will provide you with the knowledge that will make you a perfect traffic controller, help you to implement traffic control plans, facilitate in preparing work zone traffic management plans and the use of proper and advanced devices. 
  • The school may or may not be the busiest of all providers but it must be best-priced and provide training and courses of the best quality. There should not be any hidden fees whether it is for your assessment, card fee or for your work placement is provided. Everything should be clearly mentioned.  
  • Make sure that the courses are latest and running daily so that you can avail it at your convenience. It is also required to make sure that the school provides the certificates or statements of completion on the same day you complete your training so that you can start working immediately.
  • It is prudent to choose a college that also provides recertification and refresher courses and even a few combinations of courses as well. 

Apart from these mandatory requirements, you may also lookout for a few other optional features such as a provision of a White Card, referral benefits and discounts, a multi discount in case you are an employer and may be free lunch with every course!

Course details and other requisites

These schools provide the two most popular courses offered in the Traffic Management Industry namely The Traffic Controller Course and the Traffic Management Course to provide their students with a valid traffic control licence. These courses are specially designed to ensure that you can set up and prepare a site and not restrict your job to using the stop-slow bat. 

  • The course will also enlighten you regarding the legislation and another requirement such as obtaining refresher training every three years.
  • The training provider must allow group booking for onsite training and facilitate Traffic Management training nationally.
  • You will need to have a specific level of physical fitness to be able to complete the practical assessments. Therefore, know about it and verify it with your doctor so that you can successfully complete this course.

Lastly, know about the mode and process of training which must ideally involve videos, photos, and questioning in a language that all learners can understand and comprehend to gain the required knowledge and skills. 


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