Let Your Cat’s Care Be Our Business

Many people who pet cats, treat them like a member of the family. However, travelling while living with a pet can be cumbersome with many places not allowing pets to be with their owners. At such, Cat boarding is a perfect solution to people who can be away without having to worry about their cat much. 

This concept of cat boarding has become exponentially popular over the last few years with more and more boarders providing excellent care and shelter to cats. In Australia, especially cat boarding in Sydney has become a trendsetter in offering excellent services and a loving home for you cats. 

Telltale signs to look for at a cat boarding:

  1. Security protocols: Cats are excellent in disappearing and escaping. At such most of the facilities provide excellent security for cats with separate areas for play
  2. Vaccines: Every equipped pet boarding will have necessary vaccinations within its facility for at least providing the initial cure to a pet. Hence, checking the availability of the vet and the conditions of the healthcare department is really important
  3. Ventilation: Ventilation should be proper in a boarder as congested spacing without ventilation will lead to a cat’s distress
  4. Noise: Cats hate loud noises hence the location should be considered too.
  5. Cleanliness: A thorough look into the cleanliness aspect is required as you don’t want your cat to be sick because of unhygienic living conditions. 
  6. Tour the facility: Touring the entire facility is a very good option to see the surroundings where your cat will be staying along with observing other animals.

Cat boarding in Sydney, has gained popularity over their standard of services and is one of the most sought out facilities in Australia. The experienced team provides excellent care, space, and food to our fiery felines and make sure that they are comfortable.

Services provided at Cat boarding in Sydney:

This facility offers unparallel comfort and grooming services for your cat right from the point of receiving them as well as a farewell.

  • They usually have separate quarters for their stay or up to four members of the same furry family, with first-class scratch poles.
  • The accommodations are well suitable for a feline with temperature, ventilation and are cleaned daily
  • The food is usually home-cooked, so the cat doesn’t miss the home space.
  • Services include daily walks, and playtime to boost the cats to socialize with other felines and every move is monitored on the several CCTV cameras installed.
  • The staff is professional, tender and affectionate towards the members.
  • Grooming is done for all on selected days by the professionals available.
  • 24 hours availability of a vet. 
  • Thus, the living homes offered by cat boarding in Sydney are very convenient options for people who seek proper care for their feline mates in their absence. Leaving a pet behind is never easy but with the dedication and the care these boarders are providing, the satisfaction of someone experienced taking care of them while you are away is always the utmost relief.  


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